Who is Yuri Possokhov?


Known for his rich and diverse choreography, beautiful dancing, and great partnering skills, Ukranian-born Yuri Possokhov holds the position of choreographer in residence for SF Ballet. After training at the Moscow Ballet School, he danced for ten years with the world-famous Bolshoi Ballet and Royal Danish Ballet, before moving to the US and joining the Company as a principal dancer in 1994.

Lucia Lacarra and Yuri Possokhov in Tomasson's Giselle. (Courtesy MP+D)

Lucia Lacarra and Yuri Possokhov in Tomasson’s Giselle. (Courtesy MP+D)

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Who is Arthur Pita?


Portuguese choreographer Arthur Pita was born in South Africa and is known for eclectic dance theater works that blur the lines between genres. His first SF Ballet work, still to be titled, is part of Program 5 of the 2017 Repertory Season and features an original score by frequent collaborator Frank Moon. 

Arthur Pita working with dancers. Photo by Doug Gifford.

Arthur Pita working with dancers. Photo by Doug Gifford.

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Dancers as Athletes

 Lisa Giannone is the founder and owner of Active Care, a physical therapy and sports rehabilitation clinic located in San Francisco. Giannone is a physical therapist and biomechanical specialist with a particular focus on sports rehabilitation and training. She is a member of the SF Ballet Health and Wellness teamed headed by supervising physician, Dr. Richard Gibbs, and serves as the rehabilitation and conditioning specialist for SF Ballet.

How did you get your start with professional athletes?
In the 1990s the San Francisco 49ers brought me in to consult on a rehab issue that became tricky and had a slow recovery. I was successful and quickly became known as a problem solver for multiple, “high stake” rehab cases. I went on to write a protocol and several progressions that the NFL and university training rooms use today. I’ve worked with NFL teams across the country including: the US Olympic Decathlon team, gold medalist Dan O’Brien, Stanford sports, the USA Basketball Women’s National Team, the Golden State Warriors, as well as boxers Andre Ward, Andre Berto, and Robert Guerrero. Yuri Possokhov was the first SF ballet dancer I worked with over 16 years ago. Now, on any given day you are likely to find SF Ballet dancers training, fine-tuning, and rehabbing at Active Care.

Lisa Giannone working with NFL Player Jerry Rice

Lisa Giannone working with NFL player Jerry Rice.

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SF Ballet’s 2016 Fantasy Olympics


As we eagerly anticipate the 2016 Olympics in Rio, we couldn’t help but compare the athleticism of the Olympians and their sports with our very own SF Ballet dancers. Here’s how our Company artists might stack up if we held our own Fantasy Olympics:

We certainly have gymnastics covered.

MASTER IMAGE 2009 Repertory - Program 6 Garen Price Scribner in Elo's Double Evil. (© Erik Tomasson)

Garen Scribner in Elo’s Double Evil (© Erik Tomasson)

Jerome Robbins’ Glass Pieces has our men ready for sprinting. 


SF Ballet in Robbins’ Glass Pieces. (© Erik Tomasson)

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