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Postcard From New Orleans

Imagine an organization, situated in a city ridden with poverty and crime, whose primary goal is to offer free dance training to any child or adult who wishes to learn and has the resources to bring the best talent in the international dance world to participate in the education of these enthusiastic individuals. This organization […]

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What to Wear When You’re in ‘Hell’

Scroll down for photo gallery! There has been a lot of buzz about the “Guardians of the Inferno” characters from Francesca di Rimini, and our costumes and makeup. Everyone seems to want to know what we are wearing ‐ or what we aren’t wearing. Well, I’m here to lay all the speculation to rest! Our very […]

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My Christmas Wish List

Around 9:30 a.m. one morning, the doorbell rang at my mother’s home in Florida.  My brother tossed in his bed, perturbed by the disturbance and when the doorbell rang for the second time he rolled over and firmly pressed an extra pillow to his ear and returned to his slumber without any curiosity as to […]

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Guess which roles I didn’t dance this year?

This year I danced seven roles in Nutcracker. Talk about keeping a show fresh and new! I was daily remembering which steps I was supposed to do depending on which day of the week it was. Come to think of it, I had one role for every day of the week. It’s probably easier to guess which ones I […]

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