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Behind the Scenes with ‘Don Quixote’

Fans! Spanish flamenco fans fluttering everywhere and the trill and jingle of tambourines – that was my first overwhelming impression as I stepped into the Stage Left wings in the War Memorial Opera House last Saturday afternoon. It was the first onstage rehearsal for San Francisco Ballet’s new production of Don Quixote, and I was there as […]

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A Coppélia Vision

It could have been a Degas painting: twenty-four young girls silhouetted against the pale blue backside of the rear projection screen. Gold sequined, lace appliqués sparkle on stiff-standing pink tutus. Tiara jewels quiver and twinkle with the slightest movement.We are standing all the way to the rear, behind the stage, safely out of the way of Company […]

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Extra Super Supernumeraries!

Supers – supernumeraries – extras:  this is what you call the members of a cast who perform walk-on roles. In SFB’s Nutcracker the ‘supers’ provide the local color in the Prologue:  the policeman, baby-nurse, butcher, “rich lady,” and the nuns. Company members and students play the other Prologue roles (tree boys, flower seller, “rich girl,” the shopping […]

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A Big Day

One early afternoon last week, we unpackaged a number of little tights, leotards, t-shirts, and ballet shoes. We then lined them up on tables, with the shoes and clothing arranged by size. We also created a “hair station” for bun-making.  Who, you might ask, are “we,” and for whom were we preparing all this? The San […]

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