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The Meaning of Mime


Choreography is more than steps–it conveys meaning and emotion. But in many ballets–especially full-length works or those with a plot–mime (most likely borrowed from that used in 16th-century commedia dell’arte) provides more nuanced information that choreography can’t. Context is important; for example, the gesture for “marry” could mean “marry me” or “I’m engaged.” Watch for these common […]

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5 Fun Facts: Coppélia


Balanchine’s candy-colored production of Coppélia is perfect for the entire family, especially for children who enjoy Nutcracker every holiday season and want to learn more about ballet. Read on to learn more about some fun Coppélia facts: 1. Coppélia is one of the few full-length ballets choreographed by George Balanchine, who is well known for creating shorter works such as […]

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SF Ballet School Students On Stage with the Company


Soldiers and Mice, Cupids and Shades, Snowflakes and Flowers—these are some of the roles danced by students of the San Francisco Ballet School in major productions with SF Ballet. The official school of SF Ballet, the country’s oldest classical academy, is a training ground for the Company—more than 50 percent of current SF Ballet dancers received […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Swan Lake—Again


There’s a reason we flock back to Swan Lake, and it’s not only to see the flock of swans, which, for starters, is always worth the trip. The real draw is to experience once again a grand passion that goes wrong, yet seems so right when played out to Tchaikovsky’s violins. Maybe you know how […]

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