Gala Tips From the Pros


It’s my favorite time of year! The beginning of the San Francisco Ballet Repertory Season kicks-off with one of the most exciting events of the season, the Opening Night Gala.  On January 22, 2015 we will celebrate with thousands of beautiful ballet lovers who will arrive at the War Memorial Opera House dressed to impress in Red Carpet-ready attire.

I joined the Company in 2002 and have attended the gala every year since then!  By far the most memorable dress that I wore was a black slinky gown with plunging back (see below!).  Year after year I am blown away by the daring and elegant fashion choices of the glittering audience members and dancers alike.


Let’s talk about what we will wear in 2015!

  • The attire is black tie but this does NOT have to equal boring. I think the most important thing to remember is to have fun!
  • Let your imagination rule and go daring! We will be surrounded by art lovers and artists alike, an eclectic group that will appreciate a daring look.
  • If you feel a ball gown speaks to you, run with it! The bigger the better.
  • The sky is the limit (Perhaps this is a night to leave your jeans at home!)
  • If you are classic gal, a sleek gown and simple chignon are for you.
  • Perhaps you’d like to be flirty in a flouncy mini that shows off your legs.
  • Maybe consider being the one in a stunning pantsuit!
  • Just go for it! In a sea of black dresses and suits consider wearing an unexpected color.
  • Of course we can’t forget about the gentleman attending. One can never go wrong with a classic tuxedo.
  • Wear a bow tie! Shine those shoes! A suit with leather trim is very of-the-moment.
  • As with the ladies, taking a fashion risk is most welcome.
  • Don’t forget, it’s the time for a celebration!


Insider Tips From the Pros

Now let’s get back down to earth for a moment and talk about the more practical logistics.

  • Ladies,  I will suggest you bring a small mirror and your lipstick in a small clutch to make necessary touch-ups. There will be long lines at the ladies room all night long and you may not get your turn at the mirror.
  • Don’t break the bank putting together such an extravagant ensemble!  Try asking a friend to “shop” in their closet or try a rental website to find an elegant look for less.
  • For the performance you will mercifully be sitting for most of the evening, saving your feet from the agony only a beautiful stiletto sandal can bring. But remember the After Party will have two rooms for dancing and you will definitely need to walk quite a bit as you hob nob with your friends.  There’s plenty to see and do so it’s not a bad idea to have that in mind when selecting your footwear!
  • Let’s always remember that a little good posture goes a long way to help you carry off your dress.
  • Last but not least bring a smile and enjoy the people watching.

I can’t wait to see you all there!


There are very limited tickets available to the After Party. So polish off those dancing shoes and join us as we celebrate our 2015 Repertory Season!

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