Welcome to My Typical Weekend

at a BBQ with friends and some fellow dancers © Roxana Tocareva

Celebrating with friends and some fellow dancers. © Roxana Tocareva

At the moment my stomach is satisfied with just the right amount of food. The sun is still up and I’m laying on my bed as music plays and I’m in my own zone. As I write this, it’s 6:30 pm on a Saturday and I’m quite at peace, relaxing in comfy clothes.

Yesterday, at this exact time I was physically and mentally in a different state. I was worn-out instead of recharged,  and my toes and muscles were throbbing. At the end of a rehearsal week, we’ll have tallied up somewhere between 20-30 hours learning new ballets and revisiting former ones. Simply said, long hours of rehearsal days are hard and weekends are a dancer’s friend.

Though I am in a blissful state now compared to yesterday, I want to affirm that I was not just snoozing all morning. In fact, I walked down to the same building I had left 14 hours ago to take the SF Ballet School’s 9:30 am class taught by Principal Dancer Sofiane Sylve! I exaggerate to make the point that you will find many dancers being active on their days off. Not surprisingly, I was not the only company member there—I ran into numerous dancers also taking class, working out, and rehearsing ballets. As a group, we are very active physically and creatively, so there is a tendency to be continuously productive, even when we don’t have to be.

After the ballet class, I carpooled with a few friends to an engagement BBQ party at a park in Pacifica. To no surprise, there were numerous dancers there. The wonderful thing about the Bay Area is the ability to escape quickly into nature—Golden Gate Park, the Presidio, Ocean Beach, a little further to the Marin Headlands, or Pacifica’s beaches and parks.

Enjoying nature with my friend and fellow dancer Myles Thatcher

Enjoying nature with my friend and fellow dancer Myles Thatcher.

After celebrating with dear friends I returned to my apartment with my roommates. We each were left to our own devices: one had school assignments to complete (I completed my full courses with Saint Mary’s College’s LEAP program); the other roommate had laundry to do (I already did my laundry); and I’ve been leisurely going through mail up until the time that I’ve been writing this blog. Later tonight I may go to the gym if my Netflix or iPhone doesn’t bind me to my bed. Tomorrow I’ll wake up early to attend church and then drive toward Sacramento with my boyfriend to attend a wedding! It is all very exciting, very busy, and very unique: welcome to my typical weekend!

P.S. Weekends during the rehearsal season are different from our performance season so stay tuned to hear more!

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