Dispatches from London: Dancing, Shopping and a Promotion!


Sasha De Sola and Alexandra McCullough in London!

Performing at Sadler’s Wells in London has been most exciting and I am enjoying every minute of it.  Once we landed we had a couple days off to get our bearings and were able to see the city a bit.  Days off are precious so we tried to see everything from Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London and every neighborhood in between. A few of the dancers and myself went to the Cambridge Theatre and saw the production Matilda.  The show was exquisite and full of humor, warmth, and wit.  I was really impressed by the children’s level of professionalism and their ability to remember countless songs and choreography, but I know how much rehearsal goes into a production of this level.  We had a wonderful time and left itching to perform.

The set of Matilda at Cambridge Theater

Opening each program has been a little nerve racking as there is a completely new audience awaiting our much anticipated dancing as well as a swarm of press present at each dress rehearsal. It’s natural to have nerves for dancers, but for me, once that music starts and my feet start moving my nerves disappear and I am able to find joy and freedom in my movement.  The programs have been well received and each show has been a unique and special experience. One of the most thrilling moments was after the second performance of Trio when one of my closest and dearest friends, Sasha De Sola, got promoted to Soloist! Many of us were hoping for this to happen, but we were all caught off guard when it happened in the middle of the show.  Needless to say we all were beaming with happiness for the rest of the night! And while we are dancing quite a lot, we are still managing to enjoy this large and splendid city. It’s always fun to go exploring with friends and on tour, since communication is somewhat difficult, groups tend to change and you end up bonding with new people every day. Some of my favorite moments so far have been shopping and walking around Notting Hill, seeing the Crown Jewels, and of course dancing!

Shopping with Kristina Lind in Notting Hill


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  1. avatar Tami
    Posted October 3, 2012 at 4:40 pm | Permalink

    Sounds like a really fantastic trip and experience. Thanks for sharing some pictures, they look really great (especially the Matilda set!).

    Glad you enjoyed your time across the pond…

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