Things are really coming along for the upcoming Get in Front Performance on June 6th at the Herbst Theater!  Our last blog entry spoke to the cause, Getting in Front of cancer – and the amazing organization behind it, The Cancer Prevention Institute of California.  Garen Scribner and I have been working tirelessly to pull all the pieces together to make this first-ever benefit a big success.

Every little step of the way has been a learning experience – from marketing, to booking the theater, dealing with the artists, soliciting silent auction donors, box office decisions, and so much more!  Now I understand why San Francisco Ballet has the staff that it does –  it can easily take an army to get a quality product up there on the stage.  A big thanks to the SFB staff who have helped us along the way, answering our questions, no matter how naive they might sound!  By kind of walking in their shoes, I truly have learned to appreciate everything the SFB staff does for the organization.  All of their work happens behind the scenes, and we the dancers just get to come out and take the glory.

For example, to promote our Get in Front Performance, we are printing posters and postcards to distribute throughout the city with a beautiful image of Frances Chung photographed by SFB’s very own Quinn Wharton.  We must have had 20 different versions of the poster and postcard, each version edited by our volunteer graphic designer and forwarded to us for review.

“Move this here, shift this there, take that name out, add this one in, don’t forget the Facebook and Twitter logos, etc.!”

Can you imagine this amount of work for all the various SFB materials?  Think about those huge banners hanging in front of the Opera House, you really don’t want to mess up when you’re printing something that size!  Of course, we pale in comparison to the streamlined professionals at SFB, but we are proud of what we are doing, and we are happy to do it.  I think the postcard turned out great. (see below)

Next up…everything else!

Tickets went on sale this week for the Get in Front Performance, I hope you can join us in our efforts to Get in Front of cancer by attending this event.  To purchase tickets, please visit

Here's the front of some of our marketing collateral...

...and the back of our marketing collateral!



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  1. avatar Jerry Hill
    Posted April 17, 2012 at 3:37 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for your work on this Garen and Jim! I bought a ticket, including the reception. And I will tell my friends.

    a SFB fan

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