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Extra Super Supernumeraries!


Supers – supernumeraries – extras:  this is what you call the members of a cast who perform walk-on roles. In SFB’s Nutcracker the ‘supers’ provide the local color in the Prologue:  the policeman, baby-nurse, butcher, “rich lady,” and the nuns. Company members and students play the other Prologue roles (tree boys, flower seller, “rich girl,” the shopping […]

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My Christmas Wish List


Around 9:30 a.m. one morning, the doorbell rang at my mother’s home in Florida.  My brother tossed in his bed, perturbed by the disturbance and when the doorbell rang for the second time he rolled over and firmly pressed an extra pillow to his ear and returned to his slumber without any curiosity as to […]

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Cracking the Nut


It’s Friday morning – the morning after the night before – which saw the 2010 opening performance of San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker. I often think about icebergs when a ballet like Nutcracker opens.  What audiences get to see is the tip of the iceberg, the 1/8th that’s visible above the waterline.  What we all get, […]

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‘Tis the Season: Visit the Ballet Shop!


It’s that time again: time for SF Ballet to start our annual migration back into the Opera House and raise the curtain on Nutcracker.  The Company artists have been working hard to prepare the production, and so have the non-dancers at the Association, the Ballet Shop being no exception. A crew of dedicated volunteers have also […]

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