Weekend Fashion Shoot


Dores Andre

I got bored a few weekends ago and decided to do an experimental photo shoot with Dores Andre. I’ve become really interested in a lot of fashion photography lately. It’s bright, colorful, attractive. When I started photographing, I admired David LaChapelle‘s work a lot and all of his stuff has those characteristics. It also helps that the use of his images in advertising is ubiquitous, it’s everywhere. Knowing a bit about photography and trying to dissect it, immediately you try to figure out where the light is coming from, the source it’s coming from, what techniques the photographer used, and how much Photoshop was involved.


Dores Andre

To recreate one of his shots, it’s surprisingly easy to get the basics. What’s much more difficult is pulling everything together and, regardless of materials, getting the product to come out right. You can have everything in place, but if the camera is in the wrong person’s hands or you’re just not focused enough, everything can go wrong.


Dores Andre

So I wanted to try and do a basic studio set-up with a large backdrop. I don’t usually do backdrops just because it’s annoying to set up. It’s much easier to go to a beautiful location with some light and be able to move around. Being in San Francisco we have plenty of amazing locations. Doing a studio set-up involves bringing giant backdrops and stands, plus light and camera gear. You also have to have a large indoor space to use. Fortunately, a friend of mine, Gavin Coombs, lives in a large loft space that appears made for a photographer. It has huge windows that curve up halfway into the ceiling providing plenty of beautiful natural light. He also has lots of interesting props, as you’ll see in the photos, including a white full, grand piano.


Dores Andre

Dores and I proceeded to put some outfits together and see what happened. I don’t think it necessarily came out like a high fashion shoot (no Gucci or Dior here), but it produced some really interesting results and most importantly, taught me something new and helped me see what I would change next time. I fluctuated between having lots of movement to give a natural flow to things, to more static, focused shots trying to capture the essence of the moment and what was going on. All in all, it was a highly successful day. I didn’t have to rent any equipment, got some interesting photos, and had a good time. You can’t ask for much more. These experiments also do a great job of keeping me excited for the next one. Already I’m planning on doing a woodsy shot with lots of movement and streaming light. I’ll pass it along when it finally happens.

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