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Guess which roles I didn’t dance this year?


This year I danced seven roles in Nutcracker. Talk about keeping a show fresh and new! I was daily remembering which steps I was supposed to do depending on which day of the week it was. Come to think of it, I had one role for every day of the week. It’s probably easier to guess which ones I […]

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Welcome to Club Nut!


Last night a group of volunteers spent a couple of hours transforming Lucy and Fritz Jewett Studio from a ballet practice space into . . . Club Nut. Outside in the hallway, a cluster of pale blue-leotarded girls peeked in. “I’m in Club Nut!Are you?” Today when our youngest cast members leave the Opera House after […]

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Pic of the Week

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Keeping the Magic of Nutcracker


By the time the first few shows of Nutcracker roll around each year, I’d say most of the dancers in SFB are thinking about how excited they are to finally perform here at home and… HOW are we all going to get through so many shows of a ballet most of us have been dancing […]

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