A Night with the Dodos


It’s Thursday night, and I just got home from a concert by one of my favorite local bands, the Dodos. I figured that this is the perfect time to write some words on this blog here.

The Dodos

The Dodos

I love going to concerts, partly because I love music and partly because it feels like musicians have something in common with me. Their favorite hobby is also their job, and it’s not really a job, but more like a lifestyle. They probably can’t imagine themselves doing anything else and maybe even quit college to pursue their chosen career. I’m sure they have heard many people asking if they get paid or when are they going to start school again, and all this similitude has always made me feel like I understand musicians. We have some pretty weird jobs.

This week has been a very special one. Since Obama was elected, people seem to be in a better mood, or maybe it’s me. Tuesday night felt like when Spain won the Eurocup this summer- lots of people on the street celebrating, strangers hugging each other. It felt like I was in Europe again.

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