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Pic of the Week



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Green Jeté Part Deux


I’m taking a tiny break from preparing for our 4th and final stop of the Fall tour to share an incredibly awesome video with you. Hopefully you’ve seen the first installment of our San Francisco Ballet Green Team video series. That video announced the beginning of a month-long environmental awareness campaign at 455 Franklin Street. […]

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Lily on the Road


November 10,  6:45pm I’ve found the time to write again!  It’s been a while since my last entry, I know, and I apologize. New York was such a whirlwind tour that I barely found the time to breathe. We were there for ten days and performed seven of them, and I was in every show save one. When […]

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In a New York Minute


Time dominates the lifestyle in NYC. The fear and anxiety of being on time covers the city thicker than the fog of San Francisco covers the Sunset District. Although the energy was overwhelming and not an entirely desirable condition to produce honest and vulnerable art, I still managed to make the most of our trip […]

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